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little yeti

i was considering making little yetis into tree ornaments this year. so yesterday i shrunk my yeti pattern, and made this little guy. i think he came out pretty well for a first try. i am not sure the picture shows his scale very well... he is 5" tall standing, only 3" sitting. i think it would be fun to have a whole bunch of them some mad some happy.

i have made my lists of "to do" for felt club & my winter shop update. i am still in denial over bazaar bizzare and craftland stock, but once i get some stuff done for my first 2 lists i will start in on those two events as well. i am shooting to update my shop with loads of stock for the holiday season the second week of November. I will show off some of the new goodies i will be offering very soon, like custom fabrics, and a new stamp set! so stay tuned...
sewing stars-mr. bunny

hello little acorn!

cb-prep-acorn-pins-01 cb-prep-acorn-pins-02
yesterday when i got home, i walked into my studio took one look at my sewing machine and walked out. don't get me wrong, i love my sewing machine! but after several days at it, i needed a break. i then decided to try a project i had been on the back burner for a while... hence the acorn pins! i actually put a pin back on these (which you can't see), so they can be worn as little broaches. i will try and make a couple more, and have them with me at crafty bastards this weekend.
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never really ready...


okay first, sorry to anyone who was waiting for these, they are now in the shop!

and second, this sunday i will be in DC with my goodies for sale! yes, its the Crafty Bastards Show!

here is a teaser of what i have so far...

Cb-prep-01 Cb-prep-02 Cb-prep-04

i hope if you are in the DC area you will make it out to see me! now back to making stuff...
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its the colorway

my first order from spoonflower arrived this weekend! the print is a little larger than i expected, but its still awesome. i am definitely ordering from them again. </p>

the question now is, what do i do with this wonderful fabric? i was actually considering cutting the yard into 4 fat quarters to package and sell at Crafty Bastards or the webshop...

that way anyone can make some crafty goodness with original sewing stars designed fabrics...

sewing stars-mr. bunny

D(doing) I(it) Y(yourself!), with a little help!

pumpkin kits coming 9/12!later this afternoon i will be adding a few of these pumpkin kits to the shop. i will also try and reload other kits to the shop by tomorrow, like the apple kit & elephant kit.

things are getting crazy around here as Crafty Bastards is fast approaching. we got our booth assignments, and i am super pleased to get my lucky number 23! i have my usual assortment of plush and goodies in the works along with the premiere of my fall items like pumpkins, skeletons, and spooky owls to take to the show. i also will be a demoing for CRAFT at some point during the day. i am looking forward to it, i know it'll be a fun time!
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late to the party...


Squirrel-pinks-patternwell, i was super excited to get my invite for! after which when i trying to make a repeated pattern that could tile, i stumbled across the most amazing tutorial on the design sponge blog. i followed their tutorial, but also the spoonflower printing guide and adapted the technique she shows with paper and instead did on the computer.

i did sew more on the handbags i have in progress for a while
yesterday, but then i got totally sucked into making lots of fun new patterns i will eventually have printed up...the first ones i ordered are the squirrel ones. i now wait excitedly see the results! and here is a teaser of other patterns i made last night for fun...




i will probably make more tonight too after i get more sewing done. its addictive making these patterns!
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pumpkin sisters


these are headed to seattle to take part in the next plush you show!

pumpkin-sisters-03 pumpkin-sisters-04


i also did an interview that is posted at the plush you blog a couple months ago. i was really buried in my writing for my book, so i totally forgot all about it. but if you want to read it it's here. i am excited and happy to be a part of much an amazing show!
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see the invisible

point judith light house the boy & i had monday off, and despite the fact there would many people with the same idea, we headed down to point judith for some fried fish and rocky beach views.</p>

we made sure to leave late in the day, not only to avoid some of the traffic & mobs of people, but i also spent the morning doing sewing stars stuff.

by the time we got there it was perfect outside, not a cloud in sight, and the line was short to get ourselves yummy fishy treats...

eating fried clams

foot prints


it was a really nice way to spend the afternoon! i wish summer was longer...i am already gearing up for winter craft shows, and also crafty bastards in just a few weeks too. so much to little time!

sewing stars-mr. bunny

seeing in patterns


woodland-pattern doggie-pattern

once about a year, i am suddenly struck with the desire to make handbags. yesterday afternoon and into the evening, i created these patterns to print out to incorporate into bags.


birdies-pattern 02

this afternoon into the evening i will be cutting out all the parts. i have some bark cloths and some cool ikea fabrics to incorporate with these patterns i made, i think they will make very cute little bags when i am done. its like the 50's atomic age meets sewing stars!
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lucky ladybugs!


not the best picture, but you get the idea... i am not really used to my camera and the out-of-doors to be honest. i am much better in the artificial lighting of my set up area for product shots. i need more outside practice!



these lucky little ladybugs have retractable wings, and snap closure for when they aren't flying from flower to flower. speaking of flowers check out these awesome sunflowers that just opened behind my house!

Sunflower-1 Sunflower-2

neither i or my neighbor planted them, and they are on either side of where we keep the trash cans. its a bit of mystery how they got there, but i sort of don't care since they are just so awesome! i would have taken pics of the ladybugs on the sunflowers, but there were about a thousand bees buzzing around them.

oh summer! why must you come to an end??