never forget how to fly... (limelady) wrote,
never forget how to fly...


craftland happened:

(that's me in the ponytail ringing up the line...)

bazaar bizarre happened:

full swing

before the doors opened

i flew home at christmas and saw my family for a week:



while i was there i went with my dad and his lady to see the rose parade floats being built:



when i came back i helped clean up craftland, along with with everyone else:


monday i started my new job, which was my temp job at the AMS:


oh yeah, so i am officially employed again. i have been temping at the AMS (American Mathematical Society) for a while now, and with the economy tanking, and the open position in the creative services department it seemed like fate, so i applied, and managed to land the job.

unlike my previous full time employment, this place is really great, and my new boss is one of the nicest people i have ever met. does this mean sewing stars is done? no, not at all. i just need to adjust to my new schedule and figure it all out. so the site will be remain down a little while longer while my life reforms yet again.

that was my december... i wonder what january will be like?


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