never forget how to fly... (limelady) wrote,
never forget how to fly...

well, holidays, you win!

i have tried to get more done this week, but its been slow going, and its already thursday. so today i bring you all 2 things!

Latterstitch-howto1. i have been frustrated at how hard it is to find some important info on the internet sometimes, and i use this stitch all the time when i am making things, so i share it with anyone who doesn't know! a PDF is available here: ladder stitch/hidden stitch

2. more kits for everyone! i also have a couple of handbags i will toss in the shop too. whatever doesn't sell by next Friday at 12:00 noon will be taken out, and the shop will be closed until january. this holiday season has totally kicked my butt, and i am so behind i know catching up is pretty much impossible, so i have resigned to my fate, and i want to for once enjoy my holidays. so i am sorry of you were hoping for stuff in the shop, and i may add some things here and there, but i just don't have the extra energy left to go full force anymore... i hope the free tute and the new kits make up for my lameness somehow...


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