never forget how to fly... (limelady) wrote,
never forget how to fly...


i am alive, but only barely. sorry to disappear like that. So! Felt Club rocked as hard as ever. Some proof:

felt-club-08-16once i stepped off the plane back here in merry ol' new england, i came down with a wicked nasty cold. i did my best to keep working at my temp job, and also come home and sew. however, it slowed me down a lot, and i lost a couple days entirely to laying on the couch feeling miserable. days like those make me very happy to have my kitty to keep me company.

here i am now, only a few days until Bazarre Bizarre Boston, attempting to help out with Craftland to get it up and running Friday, and i never got to update my webshop...

so here's the deal folks! there are only so many hours in the day, and I don't want to skip a holiday update for shop, therefore it is going to be a late update. All week next week starting Monday afternoon I will load new items into the webshop. I will be keeping the shop open until Decmeber 19th.

The catch! if you order something after December 12th I can't guarantee the order's arrival in time for Christmas,so keep that mind. Also! I will be done with all other crafty obligations by next Monday so I will be shipping orders the day after I get them. Sorry about my lameness this year, but I hope this will help make up for it!

Oh! and here is a fun free pattern to make in the meantime. Awesome little felt penguin ornaments!


(click image for full size and print!)

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