never forget how to fly... (limelady) wrote,
never forget how to fly...

november 4th.


well, november 4th is the day. it happens once every 4 years. just as rare as leap day, and infinitely more important. it is an election day that includes the choice for president. people fought & died so we could have the opportunity to vote. when i was 18 years old, on my birthday, i registered to vote. i have been voting in every election since. i will be at my polling place, most likely in a line, but i will bring some sewing projects with me.

i heard today there are scams going on where there is misinformation going out. if someone calls you saying you cast your vote by phone, its not true!

also, if you live in one of those swing states where the lines are really long, make it fun. bring a cooler with drinks to share! bring your knitting! bring a book! bring a friend! just make sure you go vote.

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