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they gave me fabric and i made lemons?


i think these lemons might express how i have been feeling lately. it certainly didn't help i got sick for almost 4 weeks, and then i have just been in a funk. i am trying to crawl my way back out of it, and these are the first things i have made in quite some time... i have a little pile of fruity goodness to finish sewing tonight too. once i do, more & better pictures of a silly fruit bowl will be posted.
sewing stars-mr. bunny


craftland happened:

(that's me in the ponytail ringing up the line...)

bazaar bizarre happened:

full swing

before the doors opened

i flew home at christmas and saw my family for a week:



while i was there i went with my dad and his lady to see the rose parade floats being built:



when i came back i helped clean up craftland, along with with everyone else:


monday i started my new job, which was my temp job at the AMS:


oh yeah, so i am officially employed again. i have been temping at the AMS (American Mathematical Society) for a while now, and with the economy tanking, and the open position in the creative services department it seemed like fate, so i applied, and managed to land the job.

unlike my previous full time employment, this place is really great, and my new boss is one of the nicest people i have ever met. does this mean sewing stars is done? no, not at all. i just need to adjust to my new schedule and figure it all out. so the site will be remain down a little while longer while my life reforms yet again.

that was my december... i wonder what january will be like?

sewing stars-mr. bunny

well, holidays, you win!

i have tried to get more done this week, but its been slow going, and its already thursday. so today i bring you all 2 things!

Latterstitch-howto1. i have been frustrated at how hard it is to find some important info on the internet sometimes, and i use this stitch all the time when i am making things, so i share it with anyone who doesn't know! a PDF is available here: ladder stitch/hidden stitch

2. more kits for everyone! i also have a couple of handbags i will toss in the shop too. whatever doesn't sell by next Friday at 12:00 noon will be taken out, and the shop will be closed until january. this holiday season has totally kicked my butt, and i am so behind i know catching up is pretty much impossible, so i have resigned to my fate, and i want to for once enjoy my holidays. so i am sorry of you were hoping for stuff in the shop, and i may add some things here and there, but i just don't have the extra energy left to go full force anymore... i hope the free tute and the new kits make up for my lameness somehow...

sewing stars-mr. bunny


i am alive, but only barely. sorry to disappear like that. So! Felt Club rocked as hard as ever. Some proof:

felt-club-08-16once i stepped off the plane back here in merry ol' new england, i came down with a wicked nasty cold. i did my best to keep working at my temp job, and also come home and sew. however, it slowed me down a lot, and i lost a couple days entirely to laying on the couch feeling miserable. days like those make me very happy to have my kitty to keep me company.

here i am now, only a few days until Bazarre Bizarre Boston, attempting to help out with Craftland to get it up and running Friday, and i never got to update my webshop...

so here's the deal folks! there are only so many hours in the day, and I don't want to skip a holiday update for shop, therefore it is going to be a late update. All week next week starting Monday afternoon I will load new items into the webshop. I will be keeping the shop open until Decmeber 19th.

The catch! if you order something after December 12th I can't guarantee the order's arrival in time for Christmas,so keep that mind. Also! I will be done with all other crafty obligations by next Monday so I will be shipping orders the day after I get them. Sorry about my lameness this year, but I hope this will help make up for it!

Oh! and here is a fun free pattern to make in the meantime. Awesome little felt penguin ornaments!


(click image for full size and print!)
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felt club!


Feltclub-02 Feltclub-03

i will be at felt club this sunday. i have tons of goodies, and because felt club rocks, there are not only  awesome vendors selling wares, but workshops with crafty gurus like sublime stitching, and a very neat swap-o-rama for trading your old clothes in for other cooler duds! read all about it at

see you there!!
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california here i come...right back where i started from.

a spot of green tea...?well, i have been a busy bee trying to get a large amount of stuff ready for felt club and then for the holiday shop update. as you can see there are large bags under my eyes... in just over a week i will be back in california for the winter felt club show! it should be a lot of fun as always! especially since I will be sharing my booth with kelly of i will have to be careful not to spend all my monies on her adorable import fabrics..
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november 4th.


well, november 4th is the day. it happens once every 4 years. just as rare as leap day, and infinitely more important. it is an election day that includes the choice for president. people fought & died so we could have the opportunity to vote. when i was 18 years old, on my birthday, i registered to vote. i have been voting in every election since. i will be at my polling place, most likely in a line, but i will bring some sewing projects with me.

i heard today there are scams going on where there is misinformation going out. if someone calls you saying you cast your vote by phone, its not true!

also, if you live in one of those swing states where the lines are really long, make it fun. bring a cooler with drinks to share! bring your knitting! bring a book! bring a friend! just make sure you go vote.
sewing stars-mr. bunny

a year in plush, 2009


i decided to draw on my pool of pictures for the first ever sewing stars calendar!


to be available in limited numbers both in my webshop in november and at felt club. alright... back to work! i have loads to do and make.
sewing stars-mr. bunny

look out! i have a shrink ray!

i spent the weekend building my army... army of mini-yetis!


angry and happy yetis soon to adorn homes. i am obviously gearing up. seeing as i leave for los angeles in only a few weeks for felt club! i am also going to be updating my webshop the first week of november. i am still waiting for my new stamp sets to arrive, once i have those i will be sure to get the shop filled up with all the new goodies.

i also loved seeing the yeti design shrunk down, so i am going to do the same thing to a few other designs. i started with the owls...


and i have many more to come... alright, back to sewing!